• Assess

    We provide accreditation or a quality assurance process for schools using the Biblical standard that is based on God’s design for education.
  • Equip

    We help schools and educators to understand and apply a Biblical standard based on God’s design for education both in their own school and beyond as assessors.
  • Connect

    We help strengthen existing networks and learning communities. We help establish new networks and communities where schools can grow together and strengthen one another.


Jesus does not wait for us to be perfect to accept us. On the contrary He accepts us and works with us to make us perfect. Likewise, GAA accepts any schools for accreditation, and from there works with the school to develop to meet and excel in these principles. The preparation for GAA accreditation is designed to be very light.

Accreditation serves the purpose of knowing where exactly a school is at right now. In GAA, we believe that accreditation is only the beginning of the journey. Accreditation is important to know where we are so that we can decide where we should go and how we go there.

About GAA

God has spoken to a group of key leaders in education from around the world to lead out in establishing a Christian accrediting association that will serve all the nations of the earth, from preschool through tertiary (post-secondary) education.




Founded by three internationally-recognized leaders in the area of education, GAA has collaborated with schools from pre-schools up to universities in various countries: